making spiritual hygiene convenient

All Natural

Cream Based

Spiritual Wash

Because skin & hair care is sacred

Skin care.

Make every touch sacred. Honor your body.

Scan QR code for instructions on how to use for spiritual purposes

Scan QR code for instructions on how to use for spiritual purposes

Your skin is your largest organ and digests what you put on it. It goes directly into your bloodstream.

Your hair is a biological sponge and what you put on it has a direct impact on your brain and organs.

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Concentrated and environmental friendly

Wastefulness is an energy. We chose to create a bathing experiencing that is mindful of that and requires little but cleanses in big ways.

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100% Organic & Chemical Free

All ingredients are sourced from sacred African plants, herbs, and oils creating a potent formula to revitalize your skin and your spirit

Convenient daily spiritual baths

Spiritual cleansing is part of the formulation of GodSkin allowing for your daily cleansing routine to become a spiritual pratice.

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Why GodSkin

Imagine growing up soaking in oatmeal baths, going through tons of skin products, never really feeling comfortable in the skin you are in. Body wisdom includes your skin care routine. Your largest organ is your skin.

Your skin will let you know if your lifestyle is one that is safe, secure, and vibrant. Your skin LITERALLY protects your organs, bones, your blood.

In the ancient world and even in modern indigenous cultures, bathing is about more than just cleansing your body. It is an act that should also cleanse the soul.

Your skin reveals subtle irritations and frustrations of your life, not just the products you are using.

"My unfulfillment expressed itself as eczema, hyperpigmentation, and dry itchy skin. Once I realized that the relationship I have with my skin reflected the affairs of my life, I was able to heal everything."

Thema Azize Serwa created God Skin to not only nourish your skin with all natural, organic African plantceuticals, but also to make your spiritual hygiene convenient.

What's in it matters

What's in it matters

What's in it matters

Get a thorough clean without stripping moisture

Vetted and authentic plant medicine from Nigeria

Environmentally friendly - a concentrated soap where a little goes a long way

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How to Use GodSkin

A quarter size is all you need for hair + face + body

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  • Can use as a shampoo
  • Can use as a co-wash
  • Creates a natural shine
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  • Removes make up
  • Keeps pores clean
  • Locks in moisture


  • Helps with skin irritations and discoloration
  • Softens and moisturizes skin
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